5 of 5 stars to ‘Opposition’ by Jennifer Armentrout

Opposition J Armentrout

Smashing end to fantastic series

The world as they knew it has changed and there will be no going back for Katy and Daemon. The Luxen have arrived in their hoards, and peace with mankind is the furthest thing from their alien minds. Nothing can stop the wide-spread destruction they bring with them. Can Daemon resist their brain-washing? Will he and Katy survive this apocalypse. Are they the only hope left for humankind and who can they trust in this war?

What a journey Kat and Daemon have had. From the school-room to the military bunker, they’ve survived it all – and come out stronger. The growth in their relationship and the maturing of their characters has been a delight to follow. Every time I finished one novel in the series and began the next, I wondered how on earth (or in this universe!) Ms Armentrout would be able to top that and move to another level. Yet she did not disappoint.

I love that Daemon kept his sassy, sexy arrogance throughout, and his sense of humor brought a bit of lightness to come seriously tense moments. His tenderness and ‘die-for-you’ passion has seriously made him one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time. The action in this installment, the suspense and the passion was fantastic, as usual. The writing was easy going, true Armentrout style, and the plot flowed nicely, making this one of those novels I put my own writing and studying aside to finish!

When I picked up the first novel in this series, I never expected I would get so drawn in or to fall so hopelessly in love with Daemon and Katy. I’m going to miss these characters!

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