5 of 5 stars to ‘Honors Splendour’ by Julie Garwood

Honors Splendor

Honest romance

Madelyne has suffered at the cruel hands of her brother Louddon. She doubts her worth but holds her honor intact when it comes to honesty and protecting others. When Barron Duncan of Wexton arrives at her home to talk with her brother and is captured instead, Madelyne risks her life to save him. She has no idea that Duncan plans to capture her in his own plan for revenge against the wrong Louddon has done to his own sister.

From the moment Madelyne sets him free and warms Duncan’s feet, she surprises him. Nothing she does is predictable and she certainly has none of her brother’s evil traits. Her kindness and unflinching honesty puts an immediate spanner in Duncan’s plan for revenge. He finds himself bewitched by the beautiful sister of his enemy and vows to make her his.

What a delightful tale this is. Light and romantic, it offers an escape into the political world of the English court. Madelyne is an endearing character, and funny too. Her penchant for always telling the truth no matter what, often gets her into trouble. She’s gentle and ladylike, but has no qualms about speaking her mind or responding with uninhibited passion. Her transformation under the guidance of Duncan is charming. Duncan is every girl’s dream: honorable, handsome, a warrior and yet tender when it counts.

The story did feel a little long near the end, but it was nicely tied up with some action scenes and a little politics on the side. Overall, a lovely, wonderfully romantic story.

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