5 of 5 stars to ‘The Shadow Prince’ by Stacey O’Neale

Shadow Prince

Fantastic start to a great series

Rowan, only heir to Queen Prisma of the Fire court has spent most of his life in the mortal world, training and perfecting the art of fire. When he receives the call to return to Avalon, Rowan is intrigued and also hesitant. Queen Prisma has decided to abdicate her throne to her son, but Rowan knows that where the cruel Queen is concerned, there have to be ulterior motives at play. And he is right. Queen Prisma has set one task for Rowan to complete before he ascends the throne, to kill the innocent halfling daughter of the Air court King. Can Rowan complete his evil task and can he face the consequences of his actions?

It’s short, but if this novella is any indication of the rest of the series, I’m very excited! O’Neale has created a wonderfully complex, vivid world in a few short pages, an outstanding achievement for any author. Rowan’s character is swoon-worthy romantic, with just the right amount of ‘boyishness’. I absolutely loved the banter between Rowan and the Hound. It revealed so many parts of his character without ‘telling’ and was humorous and very ‘male’ at the same time. The creation of the world was unique, the plot fast-paced, the writing superb.

This author is one to watch out for!

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