5 of 5 stars to ‘Twilight Guardians’ by Maggie Shayne

Twilight guardians


Charlie O’Malley has a rare blood type. She’s required to be registered with the government and severely at risk for premature death and…vampire attack. So when Charlie’s grandmother shows up on her doorstep and whisks her away, telling her that everything the government has told them about vampires is false, she’s understandably confused. Then she meets Killian, a vampire she feel inexplicably and powerfully drawn to. But who can she really trust in this twisted conspiracy?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The premise is fresh, the fantasy world full and convincing, and the characters passionate. Charlie’s character undergoes a clear transformation and her relationship with Killian is intense and riveting. The involvement of the government makes the story that much bigger, involving more than just the usual two characters and upping the stakes. The vampire characters of Rhiannon and Roland are equally dark and powerful, hinting at a rich back-story. Roxy is sassy and fun, bringing a lighter edge to the story. There wasn’t a moment when I felt the plot was dragging, it’s non-stop action all the way. The ‘heart’ issues with the BD recruits, I must say, did seem a little over the top and could have been made much simpler and more believable, but overall, it was a great and well-told paranormal romance.

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