3 of 5 stars to ‘A Shadow of light’ by Bella Forrest

A Shadow of light

What a difference an ending makes

Derek and Sofia are deep in the heart of hunter territory. Her father, the leader of the hunters, wants nothing more than to kill the man Sofia loves, and her mother wants her dead. Back at the Shade, Derek’s father is brewing rebellion and the vampire clans are threatening war. Then there’s also the fact that Sofia is immune, and Derek has had a taste of her blood. Will the two star-crossed lovers ever find true sanctuary?

I had this one pegged as another five star, brilliant addition to the series…until around about the last chapter. The entire scene with Boris knocked the series down a rating or two for me. Every book has been building Derek into the warrior who would give his life to protect Sofia – and then he just stands back and let’s her get taken and beaten…This was completely out of character and disappointed me. The introduction of the ‘original’ seemed so haphazard and last minute too, like the author needed to quickly insert a reason to write the next novel.

The rest of the novel was quite good, actually. I enjoyed the mind games and detailed backstories of the supporting characters, especially Ingrid. The various POVs, once again, provided a unique and effective way to tell this story. I love the fact that Ms Forrest does not just allow you to write the villains off as ‘bad’. She provides enough backstory to make it difficult to hate any of the characters, no matter how devious they may appear.

There was a definite move ‘outwards’ in this novel from the nucleus of Derek and Sofia’s relationship. Many of the ‘minor’ characters evolved, and there was still some lovely character development, most notably with Claudia and Gregor. The theme of ‘good wins out over evil’ was nicely carried with these two characters.

I’ve loved this series from book 1, but must admit that the last chapter really put a spoke in the wheel for me. I’m honestly not sure if I will continue the series.

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