4 of 5 stars to ‘Flexible wings’ by Veda Stamps

Flexible wings

Growing up in post 911 USA

Summer Stevenson is used to change. As the daughter of two military parents, she’s moved around more than any other kids she knows. She’s used to never being in one place long enough to make friends – but that doesn’t mean she likes it. When the moving truck arrives to haul the family to Valencia, Summer is understandably apprehensive. The new move has a bittersweet twist to it. While it means leaving behind the short term friendships she has managed to foster, it also promises an opportunity for Summer to join a swimming team and beginning training for her lifelong dream of becoming an Olympian.

This novel is definitely for a younger target market, but it’s something I would love my children to read. It captures so simply the struggles and concerns of a young teen, trying to fit in and navigate post 911 USA. The very serious issues military children face was wonderfully interwoven in the story. Coming from a country where public servicemen and women are often viewed as corrupt and lazy, it was a cultural lesson to see how USA servicemen and women are oppositely revered and respected.

This is an easy, flowing story that dips into some very stark issues facing the youth of today and I would heartily recommend it to parents and their children worldwide.

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