3 of 5 stars to ‘Flight’ by Alyssa Rose Ivy



Allie has just graduated and is about to start college. When her father invites her to spend the Summer working at his hotel in New Orleans, she jumps at the chance, partly to have some fun before college, and partly to get away from her ex-boyfriend. Allie drags her best friend off to New Orleans, determined to keep boys out of the picture. Then she meets Levi…Can she resist his charm and is she strong enough to handle the secret world he is involved in?

I honestly struggled with this novel and there were many times I seriously considered giving up. The characters just seemed very two dimensional, and many of the scenes came across as contrived and under-developed. The story was slow to start too. I found it difficult to connect with Allie because she came across as disjointed – strong sometimes and insipidly weak at others. Levi was not a likable character either. He was arrogant and rude at best.

Yet the setting of the novel kept me reading. The author’s descriptions of New Orleans with it’s non-stop night-life were intriguing. Near the end of the novel, the plot picked up and there was a little more action, but here again, I felt that the character’s actions were just not believable.

So, while I was entertained, I sadly will not be continuing with this series.

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