4 of 5 stars to ‘Mr Impossible’ by Loretta Chase

Mr Impossible

Intriguing setting

Reckless, handsome Rupert Carsington has been relegated by his family to Egypt in an effort to keep him out of trouble. Widow and scholar Daphne Pembroke rescues Mr Carsington from the consequences of his troublesome actions and employs him to help find her kidnapped brother. As the two of them traipse across Egypt in search of Daphne’s brother, they find themselves thrown into many dangerous, exciting and adventurous situations that force them together.

Having visited Egypt, I found the descriptions and references to a pre-commercialised Egypt fascinating. The politics and total disregard for priceless artifacts by treasure and fame-seekers was both disturbing and intriguing to read about.

The characters were not my favorite. While Rupert did have a roguish streak, I found both him and Daphne a little too stuffy. That said, their behavior was very appropriate for the time and added to the authenticity of the historical setting. If you’re looking for a light historical romance, this is a wonderful choice.

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