One of the best adult paranormal romance series of all time!

Halfway to the grave

Character-driven perfect plot

Catherine knows that she’s a constant, bad reminder to her mother of the vampire who raped her. She spends her days trying to convince her mother that she’s more human than other and her nights trying to atone for the sins of her father by killing his kind. Then she meets Bones. The powerful Master vampire captures the young hunter, but instead of death, he offers her a deal: partner with him as a vampire bounty hunter… or die. Cat chooses survival but soon finds that working with the arrogant, sexy undead bounty hunter is far different from what she’d imagined.

This is the second time I’ve read this novel and that, in itself, speaks volumes. In fact, this is the first book I’ve ever re-read in my entire life from cover to cover. Frost’s characters are rich and sassy. Their lives are full of adventure and dangerous from one unexpected plot twist to the next. At first glance, Bones, with his English accent and ruthless strength is a bit of a bastard, but as Frost unravels the story, his character takes on new depths. He is arrogant, fierce, protective, incredibly funny, sexy and romantic. Cat is an equally fascinating character. She’s fiercely independent, prejudiced and talented. Throw them together, and you have a perfect example of character-driven plot, riddled with sexy conflict and adventure. This is hands down one of the best adult paranormal series ever written!


5 of 5 stars to ‘White hot kiss’ by Jennifer Armentrout

White hot kiss

Sexy without smut

Layla doesn’t really fit in anywhere. Half demon, half warden, she’s the only known one of her kind. Raised by the wardens, she believes that the other, darker side of her is evil and must be hidden from all she loves. Especially Zayne, the gorgeous warden she’s been crushing on her whole life. That is, until she meets Roth. The tattooed, sinfully hot demon is nothing like she expected. Soon, Layla is questioning everything she’s been raised to believe, and uncovering secrets the likes of which could bring about the end of the world.

Jennifer Armentrout has done it again. She’s created larger than life, passionate characters that are unique and charming in their own rights. She knows how to sexy it up – without the smut, and this novel is steaming! Roth is incredibly hot with his wit and cocky attitude. This is one author who knows how to create the perfect BBBB (bad boy book boyfriend)! Zayne is sweet and protective. Layla is strong, unconsciously hot and yet a little bit of a damsel in distress.

The fantasy world Armentrout has created is intriguing. She’s put a spin on the good versus evil premise and managed to make me fall in love with both sides, creating the perfect amount of inner reader conflict in this fantastic love triangle. The action was fast-paced and had me on the edge of my seat for most of the story.

I LOVE this series and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

White hot kiss 1


5 of 5 stars to ‘A Shade of vampire” by Bella Forrest

Shade of vampire

Where has this book been hiding?

On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Sofia Claremont is abducted into a dark and dangerous world. In the Shade, the sun never shines and humans live as slaves to their cruel, master vampires. Sofia is selected to be part of a gift to the newly awakened Prince Derek Novak and soon realizes that her best chance at survival is to stay in Derek’s good graces. But neither Derek not Sofia reckoned on the growing attraction between them, or the danger it would pose to Sofia’s life.

Stop the bus, where has this book been hiding? Bella Forrest has smashed her way straight to my top author list with this sexy, dangerous story. There is clear talent in her writing style, with scenes that unfold perfectly to move this fast-paced plot along. The premise is a popular one, and certainly not unique. I found myself drawing many comparisons with Twilight at the end, but it’s always been more about the telling of the story for me than the story itself.

Bella Forrest is like a master painter. She so easily creates vivid scenery and rich, passionate emotions with her choice of powerful words. The characters she has created, while not rich in history (yet?), are so intense that you can’t help but fall in love with them. Derek has that animalistic, protective nature all girls want in a book-boyfriend and Bella has the beauty and fragility to match. Telling the story from both character’s POV was a stroke of genius from Forrest. It added so much intensity to their interactions.

The ending was rather abrupt – but achieved it’s aim because I’m itching to find out what happens! This one’s a fantastic read, so don’t miss out!

4 of 5 stars to ‘Once written Twice shy’ by Carey Decevito

Once written twice shy

Story between silken sheets

Devastated by a failed marriage, Paxton takes refuge in his writing and his son Jasper. He meets Alissa in one of his online writing groups and their relationship blossoms into a great friendship. After months of chatting online and on the telephone, they decide to meet. Sparks fly and before they know it, Alissa and Paxton are much more than just friends. But there are old and new obstacles to overcome before they can truly take the next step.

Let me first say this: contemporary erotic romance is generally not my thing. Whilst I love to read romance, I find the anticipation and emotional connection much more exciting than a blow by blow account of the various positions possible for intimate relations. One of my biggest gripes about this particular genre is that I feel most novels sacrifice good plot and character development in order to fit additional sex scenes into the story.

That said, I have a keen interest in Indie writers and like to read the work of authors who travel in my social network circles. I’ve come across Carey Decevito’s name through various interactions and chose to step outside my comfort zone. It’s always good to broaden your horizons, I think.

The first thing that stood out for me was the fact that the novel is written from a male POV. The second, is that it’s not the typical kind of male you find in modern erotica. Paxton is no muscle-bound, egotistical hero. He may be easy on the eyes but there’s no hoard of women waiting to fall at his feet. Paxton is a modern man. He comes with emotional scars from a very real and messy divorce and a loveable little parcel of ‘baggage’ too.

There were parts of the story I felt were predictable and too good to be true. I tend to prefer more conflict in my romance, a lot more ‘chase’ and less ‘catching’, so to speak. But it’s true that life is not always pushing and pulling, and perhaps Paxton had been through enough already and deserved to find his peace. I also found some of the narrative POV’s inserted from time to time pulled me out of the story.

BUT…there was a real story written in between the silk sheets, and it was a good one! I enjoyed how Alissa emerged from her shell and how even the peripheral characters matured and learned their lessons. There were some lovely themes in this novel: self-acceptance, second chances, self sacrifice, healing, and the reality of new age families.

Very entertaining!